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Fixed Issues in 9.8.0
The following issues have been resolved.
Vuforia Studio
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia Studio.
References to Vuforia Studio Trial
All references and features related to the Vuforia Studio Free Trial were removed. This includes the following:
My ThingMarks under CONFIGURATION section
Portal Login link
Configure Vuforia Studio window upon opening Vuforia Studio for the first time
3D Buttons on a 3D Panel Unexpectedly Move
3D Buttons on a 3D panel would unexpectedly move positions after saving and then reopening a project.
Waypoint Labels Flicker
Waypoint labels flickered when label text was being edited.
3D Document Widget Not Working if File Extension Capitalized
The 3D Document widget was not working properly if the file extension for the PDF that was uploaded was capitalized (for example, .PDF instead of .pdf).
Windows Installation Stuck on Performing Setup Phase
When Vuforia Studio was being installed on Windows, the installation would get stuck on the Performing setup phase.
Certificate for HTTPS Not Being Automatically Created During Update
When updating to a new version of Vuforia Studio, a new certificate for HTTPS was not always being automatically created to match the new version being installed, resulting in Vuforia Studio breaking.
Vuforia View
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia View.
Corrupt .glb File Causes Vuforia View to Crash (iOS, Android, Windows)
If a corrupt or faulty .glb file was loaded into Vuforia View on iOS, Android, or Windows devices, the app would crash without an error message.
Opacity Not Applied to 3D Models on HoloLens
Opacity was not being applied to 3D models on HoloLens 2 devices at runtime.
Experience Service
The following bug fixes affected the Experience Service.
Special Characters Not Supported for PostgreSQL Password
When PostgreSQL was selected as the database in the installer, and the password contained any special characters, starting the Experience Service would fail after a successful installation.