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Fixed Issues in 9.4.0
Auto-focus issue resolved for all Vuforia View operating systems.
Vuforia Studio
Issues with occurrence path definitions have been resolved.
Model training processing issues for Advanced Model training have been resolved.
Sequence hiding issues in Preview mode have been resolved; the model is now properly hidden when configured correctly.
Issues with property values not being loaded to Vuforia Studio when the Experience Service is run as HTTP have been resolved.
Vuforia View
HoloLens 2:
Issues with Creo Illustrate animations have been resolved.
3D button in with wired dynamic information, that until recently updated only upon user action are pulling the information whenever it changes.
Navigation issues and possible process problems when switching views have been resolved.
Guide views now appear correctly in new experiences that contain Area Targets.
Issue with app freezing when opening certain Gallery experiences has been resolved.
QR Code recognition issue that prevented users from opening experiences with long names has been resolved.
Issue with Up and Down commands being unresponsive on Library page has been resolved.
Experience Service
Experiences Services configured to use SSO can now be validated in Vuforia Studio.
Various bug fixes and improvements.