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Fixed Issues in 9.13.0
The following issues have been resolved.
Vuforia Studio
Model Target Orientation Incorrect After Duplicating a Project
An issue was resolved where the orientation of a Model Target was incorrect after duplicating a project.
Vuforia Studio on Mac Crashed When an Unsupported CAD File was Added
An issue was resolved where Vuforia Studio would crash on Mac OS when an unsupported CAD file was uploaded.
Location Discrepancy of 3D Widget When Copied and Pasted on 3D Canvas
An issue was resolved where the coordinate properties displayed and the actual location of the widget on the 3D canvas differed when the 3D widget was copied and pasted.
This bug fix has introduced a regression where when a 3D Audio, 3D Video, or 3D Document widget is copied and pasted in a 3D Eyewear project, the following may happen:
No buttons are present on the copied/pasted widget.
Copying the widget creates unwanted items on the canvas.
After removing the copied/pasted widget and then dragging and dropping a new widget of the same type onto the canvas, there are no buttons on the widget.
Vuforia View
A Model Target is Occluded After Target Acquisition Effect
An issue has been resolved where a Model Target is occluded after the target acquisition effect takes place.
Chalk Widget Not Launching Chalk App
An issue was resolved where the Chalk widget no longer launched the Chalk app. Now, the Chalk widget will launch the Create a Session window in the Chalk app if a user is logged into Chalk.
In order for Chalk to launch correctly, it must already be installed on a user’s device.
Videos, Documents, and Audio Files from ThingWorx Do Not Load in 3D Eyewear Experience
An issue was resolved where videos, documents, and audio files from a linked ThingWorx file repository would not load in a 3D Eyewear experience.
When loading videos and audio files into password protected experiences, the assets must be fully downloaded for viewing; this also requires users to have sufficient permissions in ThingWorx in order to access the content.
Incorrect Value Displayed in Drop-down List in Experiences on iOS Devices
An issue was resolved where an item selected from a drop-down list in an experience was not the one actually displayed on an iOS device.
Failed with SSO in 9.10 Version on iOS Devices
An issue was resolved where signing into Vuforia View 9.10.0 with SSO failed.
Experience Service
NPM Installation Failing with Node Version
An issue was resolved where NPM installation was failing with Node version 8.15. The file has now been updated to reflect the correct Node version (10.24.1).
ThingWorx Data Not Displayed When SSO is Enabled
An issue was resolved where ThingWorx data was not displayed for public experiences that were published to Experience Services with SSO enabled.