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Fixed Issues in 9.10.0
The following issues have been resolved.
Vuforia Studio
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia Studio.
Binding Click Event of Toggle Button to Take Picture Service Not Working
Binding the Click event of a Toggle Button to the Take Picture service of a Camera widget now works as expected.
DGN Files Were Not Properly Converted
An issue was resolved where the conversion of .dgn files resulted in the .pvz file only containing structure (.pvs) and no geometry (.ol).
Data Set Failed to Optimize PVZ File with Branch Links
Applying the CAD Optimizer to .pvz files that contain branch links now process correctly.
Unable to Bind 2D Widget Properties and Events to Target if the Widget Requires Horizontal Scrolling
An issue was resolved where you could not bind a 2D property or event using drag-and-drop when the design canvas was partially out of view and required scrolling.
Face Colors Not Retained When Converting a STEP File Containing Mirrored Parts
An issue was resolved where face colors were not retained in .stp files with mirror geometry when importing them into Vuforia Studio.
Check for Updates Removed from Mac Installer
Because the Check for Updates action is not applicable to Mac installations, it has been removed from the Vuforia Studio menu.
Vuforia View
The following bug fixes affected Vuforia View.
Dialog Box Flickered After Denying Camera Permissions (Android Only)
The dialog box no longer flickers after camera permissions are denied.
Issues Viewing 3D Documents (HoloLens Only)
3D document visibility issues on HoloLens devices have been resolved.
Experience Service
The following bug fixes affected the Experience Service.
Vuforia Studio Client Configuration for SSO and Redirect URI
There is no longer a need to have the HTTP URL as a redirect URI when Vuforia Studio uses HTTPS and is configured with SSO.