Release Notes > Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.17.0
Release Notes for Vuforia Studio 9.17.0
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Vuforia Studio
An issue was resolved where CSS/JavaScript was lost if an experience was saved too quickly after opening the JavaScript editor for a view or the Application style editor. To resolve this issue, you must update Vuforia Studio to version 9.17.3.
There were no new features or updates for the 9.17.0 version of Vuforia Studio. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed Issues in 9.17.0.
Vuforia View
An issue was resolved where capturing an image with the camera resulted in View crashing on iOS 17 devices. If you are currently running View 9.17.0 with iOS 17, you must update View to 9.17.1 to resolve this issue.
Dynamic bounding box information is now available at runtime
iOS/iPadOS 17 is now supported
iOS/iPadOS 15 is no longer supported
Experience Service
Ability to disable publishing experiences for offline viewing