Experience Service Configuration > Global Experience Index (GXI)
Global Experience Index (GXI)
Please be aware that once your Experience Service is registered in the GXI, your Experience Service URL and any public experiences published to it will be publicly accessible.
What is the GXI?
The GXI eliminates the need for you to manually configure Vuforia View to point to your Experience Service and processes queries for any ThingMark.
When the GXI receives a ThingMark query, it identifies the Experience Service that hosts experiences for that ThingMark and redirects the query to that specific Experience Service.
By default, Vuforia View uses the GXI but can also be manually configured to use a different Experience Service.
Why is the GXI Useful?
The GXI can be useful when you want to make an experience accessible to a broader audience, and don’t want them to have to configure Vuforia View to point directly to a specific Experience Service. For example, if you are a bike manufacturer and want to attach a ThingMark, barcode, or QR code to the head tube so that whoever ultimately purchases a bike can access a quick start experience, you would want to register your Experience Service in the GXI so that experiences published to that Experience Service can be access by anyone that has Vuforia View installed.