Navigating Vuforia Studio > Projects and Experiences > Publish Projects from Outside of Vuforia Studio
Publish Projects from Outside of Vuforia Studio
Experience Service Using Basic Authentication
The following are examples of cases where you may want to publish projects form outside of Vuforia Studio:
If you want to move a project from a development or test environment to a production server
If you want to replicate a project across several different servers
If you want to pull a project from source control and publish it to an Experience Service as part of a build process
Use the following {{curl}} command to publish a project:
curl -u <userId>:<password> -F ThingXExperience=@<> -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" https://localhost:2019/ExperienceService/content/projects/
userID is your user ID or email used to authenticate the Experience Service
password is the password used to authenticateExperience Service is the name of your .zip file containing your project
Experience Service Using SSO (Single Sign-on)
1. If not installed, install Postman.
2. Obtain the OAuth access token. For more information, see Obtain OAuth Access Token for ThingWorx Administrator Using Postman.
In step 8 in the link above, use the experience scope (found in the configuration.json file), instead of THINGWORX scope.
3. After obtaining the token, click Use Token on the MANAGE ACCESS TOKENS page.
4. Navigate to the query tab, and select POST as the query method.
5. Enter the URL using the following format: https://<your_domain_name>/ExperienceService/content/projects?replace=true
Where your_domain_name is your Experience Service domain.
6. Navigate to the Headers menu and add the following:
7. Then, navigate to the Body tab, and select form-data. Complete the following:
Key—select File
Value—click Select Files and upload the project file
8. Click Send to publish the project file.