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Use a 3D Model in a Tabletop AR Experience
What You’ll Need
Access to Vuforia Studio
Access to an Experience Service
A 3D model file (for supported file formats, see Resources)
If you don’t have a 3D model file, you can get one from GrabCAD.
1. Create a new project, and select Mobile - Default as the template type. On the Create Project window, enter your Experience Service URL. Click Create.
If you’ve never created an AR project in Vuforia Studio, see the Create and Publish a Mobile Experience tutorial.
2. Drag and drop a Spatial Target widget onto the canvas.
spatial target on canvas
3. Drag and drop a Model widget onto the canvas. Ensure that your canvas looks similar to this:
model widget on canvas
4. In the PROPERTIES pane, click the green + sign next to the drop-down menu under the Resource field. The Add Resource window appears.
Add a resource
5. Click Select File, and navigate to the 3D model file you want to add. Click Open, and then click Add on the Add Resource window.
6. Once the file has been added, the model appears on the canvas. Click the Transform icon to move the model to a desired position. Click and drag the different colored arrows and arcs to move the model.
Fan model and spatial target
7. Next, in the PROJECT pane, click Experiences under CONFIGURATION.
8. On the Edit Experiences page:
Select None from the ThingMark Association drop-down so that the Experience appears in your Vuforia View Library
Enter a name for your Experience in the Title field
Experience info
9. If no other changes need to be made, click Publish in the project toolbar.
10. When the progress indicator shows a success message, your project is published to your Experience Service, and you can use Vuforia View to view your Experience.
11. From within Vuforia View, navigate to the Library and open your Experience. The following appears:
Tap to place brackets
12. Once you’ve located an appropriate horizontal surface, tap the screen to place the model!