Welcome to the Help Center for the Vuforia Chalk Admin Center
Welcome to the Help Center for the Vuforia Chalk Admin Center
This help center helps you navigate the Vuforia Chalk Admin Center.
For more about the Vuforia Chalk Admin Center, you can also check out the Using the Admin Center video on our YouTube channel.
If you need help with the Chalk app for mobile and desktop, see the Vuforia Chalk Help Center.
Vuforia Chalk Free 30-day Trial
If your organization is part of the 30-day free trial, you have access to the following features:
Unlimited sessions and session length
Mobile, desktop, and RealWear device support
Ability to connect with users both inside and outside of your organization
If you want to continue using premium Chalk features after your 30-day free trial has expired, your company must purchase a Premium Enterprise account.
If your company does not choose to purchase an Enterprise account, you’re still able to use Chalk, but your account will be converted to a Limited Access account. For more information, see Vuforia Chalk Account Types and Available Features.
For more information about getting the free trial, check out the How to Get a 30-Day Free Trial video on our YouTube channel.
What’s New in the Chalk Admin Center
Check out what’s new in the Chalk Admin Center!
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May 2022.