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Configuration Overview
To start connecting your edge devices to a ThingWorx platform instance, you need to do the following:
1. Begin the initial configuration of the WS EMS, as described in Configuring the WS EMS.
2. PTC strongly recommends that you configure and use SSL/TLS certificates for communications between your edge device that is running the WS EMS and the ThingWorx platform. If required, you can also use SSL/TLS certificates for communications between your WS EMS and the edge devices that are running the Lua Script Resource (LSR).
If you do not have SSL/TLS certificates, see Using a Custom Certificate and Private Key for information on creating a custom certificate and private key and configuring the WS EMS and LSR to use them.
As of v.5.4.5 of the WS EMS, the built-in certificate is no longer provided. You need to migrate to using a custom certificate. See Migrating from the WS EMS/LSR Built-in Certificates for more informatinon.
3. Once you have successfully connected to the ThingWorx platform instance, complete the full configuration of the WS EMS according to your needs. Refer to the section, Viewing All Configuration Options.
4. To use the Lua Configuration Script to host remote things for integration with ThingWorx platform, begin the initial configuration of the Lua Script Resource, as described in Getting Started with the Lua Script Resource.