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Using ThingWorx Asset Advisor with WS EMS and LSR
This section provides a brief introduction to the features of ThingWorx Asset Advisor that you may want to use with your WS EMS/LSR devices. It then provides information about the steps required before you start the procedures in ThingWorx Composer. Finally, it provides procedures to guide you through the setup required for WS EMS and LSR Things in ThingWorx to enable end users to access the devices remotely, download packages to devices, and perform file transfers using ThingWorx Asset Advisor. The emphasis here is on what you need to do using ThingWorx Composer. The following topics guide you through the prerequisites and the tasks required in ThingWorx Composer:
Features of ThingWorx Asset Advisor to Use with WS EMS and LSR
Prerequisites to Setting Up a WS EMS Thing for Asset Advisor
Administrator Tasks for Using Remote Access, File Transfers, and SCM in Asset Advisor
Setting Up a WS EMS or LSR Thing for the Remote Access and Control Application
Setting Up to Use ThingWorx Software Content Management (SCM) with WS EMS Devices