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No Security — for Testing ONLY
This configuration disables all secure communication and authorization settings. All communication will be transmitted in clear text, and the WS EMS and LSR can be accessed by anyone. This configuration should be used for testing purposes ONLY.
Insecure Configuration
WS EMS — config.json
LSR — config.lua
"http_server": {
"host": "localhost",
"port": 8000,
"ssl": false,
"authenticate": false
"certificates": {
"validate": false,
"allow_self_signed": true
-- EMS Connection Configuration
scripts.rap_host = "localhost"
scripts.rap_port = 8000

-- EMS Connection TLS Configuration
scripts.rap_ssl = false

-- EMS Connection Authentication
-- Configuration
scripts.rap_server_authenticate = false

-- HTTP Server Configuration
scripts.script_resource_host = localhost"
scripts.script_resource_port = 8001

-- HTTP Server TLS Configuration
scripts.script_resource_ssl = false

-- HTTP Server Authentication
-- Configuration
scripts.script_resource_authenticate = false