ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) and Lua Script Resource (LSR)
ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) and Lua Script Resource (LSR)
The ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) provides a simple means for remote devices to connect quickly and securely to a ThingWorx platform. The distribution bundle for the WS EMS includes the Lua Script Resource (LSR), which is a statically linked application that is used to run Lua scripts and configure things (devices) for integration with the host system.
What Do You Want to Do?
This section provides links to topics that explain how to perform the tasks required to use the WS EMS and the Lua Script Resource.
1. For a general introduction to the WS EMS, see:
Features of the ThingWorx WS EMS
WS EMS and ThingWorx Platform
Components to Install
2. To get started with the WS EMS, see
Downloading and Installing ThingWorx WS EMS
Configuring the WS EMS
Running the ThingWorx WS EMS
Verifying Your Connection
3. To configure security for communications, see
Configuring Secure Connections (SSL/TLS and FIPS Mode)
Authenticating and Binding
Enabling Encryption
4. For additional configuration options, see Additional Configuration of WS EMS. For example configurations, see Example Configurations.
Configuring the HTTP Server Group
Configuring the WebSocket Connection
Configuring Duty Cycle Modulation
Configuring a Proxy Server
Storing Messages Received While WS EMS Is Offline
Configuring Automatic Binding for WS EMS
Auto-bound Gateways
Configuring File Transfers
Configuring Edge Settings for Tunneling
Configuring the WS EMS to Listen on IP Other Than localhost
Setting Up to Use ThingWorx Software Content Management (SCM) with WS EMS Devices
5. For information about using REST Web Services with WS EMS and ThingWorx platform, see
REST Web Services and WS EMS
REST Web Services Supported by WS EMS
6. To set up, configure, and run the Lua Script Resource, see
Getting Started with the Lua Script Resource
Configuring a Lua Script Resource
Running the Lua Script Resource
Configuring a Template for the Lua Script Resource
7. For information about setting up secure connections for the LSR, see
Configuring the HTTP Server for the LSR (SSL/TLS Certificate)
Configuring the Connnection from the LSR to the WS EMS
8. To see examples of secure communications between the LSR and WS EMS, see Examples of Configuring Secure Communications between the WS EMS and an LSR.
9. To run REST API calls with Postman on WS EMS and the LSR, see Running REST API Calls with Postman on WS EMS and LSR.
10. For troubleshooting, see
Troubleshooting the WS EMS
Troubleshooting the Lua Script Resource
This documentation is intended for developers with at minimum a basic knowledge of JSON and the Lua scripting language. In addition to programming knowledge, you need to be familiar with ThingWorx concepts and also with ThingWorx Composer.
Supported Platforms
For information about the platforms supported by WS EMS, refer to the ThingWorx Edge Requirements and Compatibility Matrix document, which is available on the PTC ThingWorx Reference Documents page.