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Configuring Properties for Remote Things
It is possible to browse the configuration of a remote thing and "mass" bind its remote properties. The ability to bind the properties of a remote device all at once allows you to fully configure the remote thing on the ThingWorx platform, alleviating much of the manual configuration.
1. In ThingWorx Composer, on the Properties tab of the remote thing, click Manage Bindings.
2. In the Manage Property Bindings dialog box, click the Remote tab.
3. You will see a list of the properties of the remote device on the left. You can drag them individually (to the Drag HERE to create new properties area) or click Add All.
4. You can then individually edit the property details to suit your needs. You can also bind the remote properties to properties that you have already defined on the ThingWorx platform. To bind remote properties to existing properties on the platform, drag a remote property onto an existing platform property. When you bind properties from the edge, the cache and push settings from the edge are set based on the configuration settings of the edge device. You can choose to override them by changing the settings at the platform (using ThingWorx Composer, for example).
You can also manually create the properties by using the standard property configuration dialog box.