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Troubleshooting the Lua Script Resource
The following table discusses issues that can arise when using the Lua Script Resource, along with recommended solutions.
Possible Solution
I have a tunnel configured on my thing (created using the RemoteThing thing template) on the ThingWorx platform, but it is not working.
Verify that the Public Host and Public Port settings of the Tunnel Subsystem's Configuration are set to the externally available host name/IP and port.
The thing that I have configured in config.lua cannot communicate with my thing on the ThingWorx platform.
Verify that the name of the thing in your config.lua matches the name of the thing on the ThingWorx platform. You can also specify an identifier, if using matching names is a problem. See Configuring File Transfers.
The WS EMS connects to the ThingWorx platform, authenticates successfully, but the thing that I specified in the auto_bind group of my config.lua file is not being created on the platform.
The auto_bind group is an array of objects. Verify that you enclosed the JSON object that represents your thing in square brackets as follows:
“auto_bind”: [{
“name”: “RemoteThing001”,
“gateway:” true
vs. the following, which leads to this scenario:
"auto_bind": {
"name": "RemoteThing001",
"gateway": true
For more information about the auto_bind group and setting the gateway parameter, refer to Configuring Automatic Binding for WS EMS and to Auto-bound Gateways