ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) and Lua Script Resource (LSR) > Configuring a Template for the Lua Script Resource > Configuring the Module Statement
Configuring the Module Statement
The module statement is required. This statement tells the software component of the edge device to operate according to the configuration instructions contained in the template file that you specify.
module ("templates.example", thingworx.template.extend)
The following table describes the two parts of the module statement:
Name of template file
The first part of the module statement must contain the name of the template file that contains the configuration for the software component of the Edge device. For example, template.acmedevice.
Extension of the ThingWorx template
The second part of the module statement, thingworx.template.extend, identifies the file as a template file to the system and extends the base ThingWorx template implementation. Do not modify this part of the statement.