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Configuring Edge Things
The EdgeThing group is used to configure an Edge thing to run in the Lua Script Resource environment. Of all the parameters that can be included in the EdgeThing group of the configuration file, only the file and template parameters are required. All other parameters are optional and can be included anywhere between the curly braces {}.
The entry that defines the thing.lua Edge thing must exist in the configuration file. You can define additional Edge things with their own EdgeThing statements.
scripts.EdgeThing = {
file = "thing.lua",
template = "example",
The EdgeThing group contains the following parameters:
Define an Edge thing. This parameter is required.
Specify the script identifying the information that you want to send from the device to your Edge Thing. The template file defines the behavior of the Edge thing. This parameter is required.
The template file must be placed in the \microserver\etc\custom\templates folder.
Specify how frequently to evaluate the properties and possibly push them to the ThingWorx platform, in milliseconds. The default value is 60000 milliseconds.
Specify how frequently to execute the tasks that are defined in the template of the edge thing, in milliseconds. The default value is 15000 milliseconds.
Specify how long the main execution thread for this edge thing pauses between iterations, in milliseconds. Each iteration checks the scan rate and task rate to determine if any properties are to be evaluated, or any tasks are to be executed. The value must be less than the scan rate or task rate. The default is 500 milliseconds. See also Configuring the scanRateResolution.
Specify whether or not the Edge thing registers with the WS EMS. The default value is true (recommended).
Specify how frequently this edge thing should renew its registration with the WS EMS, in milliseconds.
If the WS EMS is restarted, this parameter controls the maximum amount of time before this edge thing is re-registered.
This value also controls how frequently the WS EMS performs a keep-alive check on the Lua Script Resource. If the Lua Script Resource is unavailable, the registered thing is unbound from the ThingWorx platform and appears to be offline.
The default value is 60000 milliseconds.
Specify the amount of time to wait for a response to an HTTP request to the WS EMS before timing out.
Specify the maximum number of properties that can be included in a single property update call to the ThingWorx platform. This value can be decreased if the overall size of the batch property pushes is larger than what is supported by the WS EMS. The default value is 100 properties.
Specify whether or not the edge thing re-requests its property subscriptions when it reconnects to the WS EMS. This value is useful if the Lua Script Resource is running on a different edge device from the WS EMS. The default value is true.
Specify the identifier used to register the edge thing with the WS EMS and the ThingWorx platform.
Specify whether or not to use data shapes for property definitions. The default value is true.