ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) and Lua Script Resource (LSR) > Additional Configuration of WS EMS > Configuring a Proxy Server
Configuring a Proxy Server
The proxy group is used to configure the WS EMS to use a proxy server to connect to a ThingWorx platform. For authentication with a proxy server, the WS EMS supports the following options:
No authentication
Basic authentication
Digest authentication
The code sample below is provided for example purposes only.
"proxy" : {
"host" : "localhost",
"port" : 3128,
"user" " "username",
"password" : "some_encrypted_password"
The following table lists and describes the properties for setting up a proxy server:
To Specify
The host name of the proxy server used to connect to the ThingWorx platform. The value of the host property can be an IP address, or a host name.
The port number used to communicate with the proxy server. The default value is 3128.
The name of the user account that is used to connect with the proxy server. In general, do NOT use the colon (:) character in user names.
The password of the user account that is used to connect with the proxy server. If you select to provide the user name and password for authentication with the proxy server, it is recommended that you encrypt the password as shown in the example above. To encrypt a password, see Encrypting Application Keys, Passwords, and Passphrases.