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Viewing All Configuration Options
The file, config.json.documented, is provided in the WS EMS distribution. It contains all the possible options that you can configure for your WS EMS plus a few comments to help you understand each group and property. To view these options, follow these steps:
1. From the WS EMS installation directory, change to the directory, /etc.
2. Open the file, config.json.documented in a text editor.
3. Refer to this file while you read about the groups of the configuration file.
The comments in this file provide brief descriptions of the properties. The rest of this section walks you through the properties that are used most often.
Do not attempt to use config.json.documented as is to run your WS EMS. It is intended as a reference, not as a valid JSON file that you can use to run WS EMS. Instead, if you want to copy all properties, open config.json.complete in a text editor and save it as config.json. Make sure that you preserve the original configuration files.
Setting an Option to Use the Restart REST Service
The Restart REST service requires on a configuration option to be added to the config.json file of the WS EMS so that any edge-side restart requests work correctly. Otherwise, only requests from the ThingWorx platform can restart the WS EMS. The restart configuration option is a top-level option in config.json and should be set to one of the three values, as shown here:

"restart" : "any" // Allow anyone to restart the WS EMS (Local or Server)
"restart" : "local" // Only allow local edge devices to restart the WS EMS
"restart" : "server" // Only allow the ThingWorx platform to restart the WS EMS