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Components to Install
To connect to and integrate with a ThingWorx platform instance, you can install two separate software components remotely on edge devices:
ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) — The WS EMS is the communication conduit that provides a secure communication channel to a ThingWorx platform instance. The WS EMS is a separate process, so it can support communications from one or more devices. In addition, the WS EMS provides a RESTful HTTP interface, allowing other applications to communicate with it. The WS EMS translates the REST Web Services into AlwaysOn protocol messages that it then sends to a ThingWorx platform instance. For information about the REST interface, refer to REST Web Services and WS EMS.
Lua Script Resource — An application for host devices that uses the Lua scripting language to integrate with them. The Lua Script Resource is an optional component. You do not need it to run the WS EMS. As an alternative, you can write your own application that uses HTTP and communicates directly with the WS EMS. For information about the Lua Script Resource, refer to Getting Started with the Lua Script Resource.
For instructions on downloading and installing the WS EMS, see Downloading and Installing ThingWorx WS EMS.