ThingWorx WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer (WS EMS) and Lua Script Resource (LSR) > Enabling Encryption
Enabling Encryption
You enable or disable encryption in the ws_connection group of the configuration file. By default, the WS EMS always attempts to connect to a ThingWorx platform instance, using SSL/TLS (that is, encryption is enabled).
The code samples below are provided for example purposes only.
To enable encryption, specify the properties as shown below:
"ws_connection": {
"encryption" : "ssl"
To disable encryption (NOT recommended), specify the properties as shown below:
"ws_connection": {
"encryption" : "none"
Always enable encryption. Otherwise, the WS EMS and LSR will log warning message (console).
The ws_connection group contains the following property:
Whether or not encryption is enabled for communications with the ThingWorx platform instance, and the type of encryption used. Valid values are:
The previously available fips value has been replaced with a group (fips) and a property (enabled. See Configure FIPS Modefor information about configuring FIPS mode.