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About Remote Things
A remote thing is a device or data source whose location is at a distance from the location of the ThingWorx platform. A remote thing accesses the platform, and can itself be accessed, over the network (Intranet/Internet/WAN/LAN). The device is represented on the platform by a thing that is created using the RemoteThing template, or one of the derivatives of that template (for example, RemoteThingWithFileTransfer).
The default thing templates that you can use to create things for remote devices follow:
RemoteThing — A basic thing that provides the ability to interact with a remote device.
RemoteThingWithFileTransfer — A remote thing that can also transfer files.
RemoteThingWithTunnels — A remote thing that supports tunneling.
RemoteThingWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer — A remote thing that supports both file transfers and tunneling.
RemoteDatabase — A remote OLE-DB data source
EMSGateway — Addresses the WS EMS as a standalone thing. This template may be useful in situations where the WS EMS is running on a gateway computer and is handling communication for one or more remote things, which may reside on different IP addresses within a local area network
SDKGateway — Similar to the EMSGateway template, but used when you are using an SDK implementation as a gateway.
Use the RemoteThing, RemoteThingWithFileTransfer, RemoteThingWithTunnels, and RemoteThingWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer templates for vendor-specific devices. The recommended approach is to use one of these templates to create a thing for your vendor-specific device, and when you have added the properties, services, and events for the thing, save it as your own template. That way, you can add more of the same devices quickly and easily by using your template as the base.