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Edge Enhanced Thing
An EdgeEnhanced Thing should be used for vendor specific devices. As mentioned in other sections, the Edge Thing is usually used for an OPC-DA or other tag data source. The EdgeDatabase is specifically designed to allow SQL commands to be executed between a remote data source, such as OLE-DB or ODBC. The EdgeEnhanced Thing is further differentiated from an Edge and EdgeDatabase in that in addition to data transfer, you can also enable File Transfer and Tunneling (such as remote desktop sessions to a remote computer).
You can configure local properties and services for an EdgeEnhanced Thing. Local properties are properties similar to any other entity in the system. They are defined as local, they can be set through standard interfaces, they can be bound to other properties, but they are not DIRECTLY bound to a data point from a remote device or data store. Local Services are services that execute on the server - although they may interact with data from remote data sources.
A Remote Property is a property that is directly connected to a remote data point or data object. It is read from the remote data, depending on the cache and push rules you define. Please refer to Edge Thing Properties for more details.
Remote Services are similar to Remote Properties. A Remote Service is actually a reference to business logic running on the edge. When you call a Remote Service on the server, it relays that request to the bound edge service, and returns the result from the edge business logic. Please refer to Edge Thing Services for more information.