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EMS and Lua Edge Thing Installation
It is simple to install the Edge MicroServer and the Lua Edge Thing components. Simply get the appropriate package for the platform that you wish to run on, and unpack the software to the desired directory. This will deploy a MicroServer directory with all the required software components. The structure of the deployment is as follows:
MicroServer Directory
luaScriptResource.exe — The lua script engine executable. This is required for File Transfer and Remote Desktop tunneling. The lua process also supports many of the specific protocol implementations available as part of the Edge Software components.
twems.exe — The EMS executable.
\etc — This directory holds configuration and functional libraries.
You can create Windows services or Linux daemons for each of these executable files. To install the EMS as a service use the following command. Be sure to enter the complete paths, whatever they are on your system:
C:\Thingworx\twems config="C:\Thingworx\etc\config.lua" -i "ThingWorx EMS"
where config.lua is the name of the configuration file you wish to use (it can be named differently, such as MyEdgeThing.lua).
\MicroServer\etc Directory
config.lua.example — This is a simple example file that can be used for simulation and testing. A config.lua file is required to run the EMS and the lua engine.
/community — This directory is provided for add-ins from the lua community. The lua community has a large set of tools and libraries that you may take advantage of to speed implementation.
/custom — This directory is for user developed scripts specific to a solution.
/thingworx — This directory contains the standard set of content supplied by ThingWorx. Custom content should not be placed in this directory, because it may be overwritten on upgrade.
Linux Note
If you installed these components on a Linux distribution, be sure to give execution permissions to the twems.exe and the luaScriptResource.exe files.