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Problem: I get a [ Connection refused : connect ] error when trying to transfer a file
If your file transfer fails with a "Connection refused:" error, it typically means your AlwaysOn settings may not be configured correctly, or you may have a problem with your actual network configuration: either DNS resolution or IP routing from the ThingWorx platform machine to the configured SOCKS Advertise Host.
On the ThingWorx platform, make sure you can "ping" the SOCKS Advertise Host. If the ping resolves to an IP address but times out, you have a routing problem. The recommended solution is to ensure that the host name resolves properly both externally and internally. If you cannot use a host name, then you must ensure the external IP address is internally reachable from the ThingWorx platform as well.
Problem: The MicroServer Will Not Connect
Make sure the AlwaysOn Subsystem is running in the ThingWorx platform. By default, the subsystem does not automatically start with the ThingWorx platform. To change this behavior, modify the AlwaysOn settings.