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Edge Enhanced Thing
The Edge Enhanced thing at the device level is implemented using the lua script engine (luaScriptResource.exe). This component shares the configuration file with the EMS (config.lua, or other as per your configuration).
If you read the section on Edge Thing Configuration at the Device, we discussed a configuration file, which by default is named config.lua. It had the following section at the very bottom:
scripts.MyEdgeThing =
{ file = "thing.lua",
template = "example",
-- virtual_dirs = file.send_root_dirs --if you are using file transfer
This section defined a thing, and referenced a template = example. In this case, that refers to a file named example.lua in the MicroServer\etc\custom\templates folder. This file is installed with the MicroServer to be used for reference. The template file is for defining properties, services, and tasks at the edge software. We will review each section of the file in the appropriate sub topics in this section.