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Edge Database Thing
An Edge Database thing, as opposed to an Edge Enhanced thing or an Edge Thing, is usually a connection to an OLE-DB or ADO.NET data source. Examples are OSISoft PI, Wonderware InSQL, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Excel. An Edge Database thing requires an EMS to be installed and the .NET edge software component.
When you make changes to any configuration properties, make sure you save them!
Configuration: Edge Thing Process
The .NET edge thing software has a local management console to make configuration simpler. Locate the Edge Thing Manager on the start menu or the ThingworxNet.EdgeThingProcess.exe in the installation folder, right click and select Run as administrator.
First, you need to create a new Edge Thing Process. This creates a Windows Service. Within that service, you can create one or more Edge Things, such as an OPC-DA connection or a Microsoft Excel Connection. In this scenario, you cannot independently start and stop the Edge Things, only the Edge Thing Process. However, you can create as many Edge Thing Processes on a single machine as you need.
The Edge Thing Process must be configured to communicate to the local EMS. The EMS can be installed an a separate computer but must be accessible via HTTP. The default configuration assumes localhost and HTTP versus HTTPS. If the EMS is running SSL, you should set the microserverIsSecure property to true. The microserverPort setting must match the port defined in the EMS config.lua. The default port is 8000.
In addition, the Edge Thing Process has a Listen On port, which must be different than the port that the EMS is listening on. If you configure more than one Edge Thing Process on a single machine, each one must have a separate and dedicated port.
Configuration: Edge Database Thing
With the Edge Thing Process selected, you can create a new Edge Thing. The thing will be created within the process. When the process is started or stopped, the thing will also start or stop.
Select Edge Thing Type of ADO.NET. Under the Ado Edge Thing Configuration tab, select the appropriate databaseConnectionType (OLE-DB or ODBC). You can enable read only (queryEnabled=true, commandEnabled=false) or read/write query enabled (queryEnabled=true, commandEnabled=true) .
Enter the proper connection string - you can use this website to look it up.