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Connecting to an OSISoft PI or AF Server using OLEDB
OSIsoft provides an OLEDB Provider for communicating with OSIsoft's PI and AF Server products using SQL.
Before you can connect to PI using OLEDB, you must install the PI OLEDB Provider software on the respective client machine. There are 2 flavors: PI OLEDB and PI Enterprise OLEDB. You only need the OLEDB Provider for connecting to PI Servers. If you wish to query AF Servers, then you will need to install the PI Enterprise OLEDB Provider. You can access the proper OLEDB Provider installation from the \\bss-intranet\downloads\vCampus share location, selecting one of the following:
To install the software, please refer to the respective companion PDF document: PIOLEDB_3_2_2_10Documentation.pdf or the Using PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010.pdf
Using OSISoft's OLEDB Provider
You must create an ADO.NET Edge Thing using the ThingWorx Edge Thing Configuration Manager. To configure an ADO.NET Edge Thing to communicate with a PI Server via OLEDB, set the following:
Connection String — Provider=PIOLEDB;Initial Catalog=<target PI table>;Data Source=<PI Server Machine>
User ID — Valid PI user name
Password — Valid PI password
Select the Enable Query and Enable Command check boxes
<target PI table> may be one of the tables available via OLEDB.