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Configuring an ADO Edge Thing
To configure an ADO Edge Thing to communicate back to ThingWorx platform. You need to properly configure the ADO Edge Thing at the ThingWorx Edge and the EdgeDatabaseThing at ThingWorx platform.
1. To configure an ADO Edge Thing, in the ThingWorx Edge Thing Configuration Manager, select the Edge Process and then click Add Edge Thing.
It is best to name your Edge Thing the same as your EdgeDatabaseThing on the Server.
2. Select the ADO.NET as the Edge Thing Type, give it a name and description and click OK.
3. To configure the Edge Thing, make sure it is active. Then set up the AdoEdgeThingConfiguration.
4. Select either OLEDB or ODBC.
5. Enter the proper connection string (you can use this website to look it up).
6. If your User ID and Password are already in your connection string, you can leave the next fields as default, otherwise, specify the User ID and Password as well as their 'field' names.
The user id and password fields are stored as plain text in the connection string. If you would prefer to have these values more secure use the userFieldName, user, passwordFieldName, and password entries.
7. Check AlwaysConnected, QueryEnabled and CommandEnabled as needed.
It is recommended that AlwaysConnected be unchecked (off) unless the data source requires a constant connection.