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Writing a Property
When connected to the server, the SimpleThing application can also write a value to a property of a remote thing. Keep in mind that no binding has taken place with this connection, so you are simply updating a property value here. If you want offline support and caching for the data, you need to send a bind request so that the server associates the remote thing with the websocket that the client application is using to communicate.
// Writing a property

LocationPrimitive location = new LocationPrimitive(42.36, -71.06, 10.0);

// This code sets the CurrentLocation property of the Thing to the GPS
// coordinates of Boston, MA.
client.writeProperty(ThingworxEntityTypes.Things, ThingName, "CurrentLocation",
location, 5000);"Wrote to the property 'CurrentLocation' of Thing {}. value: {}",
ThingName, location.toString());