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ThingWorx IoS SDK Release Notes
With the 1.1.0 release, the ThingWorx iOS SDK, has feature parity with the ThingWorx C SDK, except for tunneling. The iOS SDK does not support tunneling. The following table briefly describes the contents of this release:
iOS SDK v.1.1.0.
A client application can now be configured to connect to the ThingWorx Platform through proxy servers.
New NSNotifications are provided for these operations: authenticate, bind, unbind, and file transfer.
New callbacks are provided for these operations: connect, disconnect, and authenticate.
The SDK now supports file transfers.
The SDK now supports validation of both client and server certificates.
The SDK also supports validation of the fields in X509 certificates.
Many new settings to configure the client are provided for the ClientConfigurator.
The SDK supports binding using an Identifier instead of the ThingName.
You can now define, register, and manage events.
A Quick Start document and API documentation are provided in the distribution bundle for the SDK.
This release also includes general bug fixes/improvements that were made for the C SDK 1.3.0.