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Troubleshooting .NET SDK Applications
This section discusses issues that can arise when using the .NET SDK, along with recommended solutions to resolve an issue.
Cannot connect to the ThingWorx platform.
The SDK cannot connect to the ThingWorx platform via WebSockets.
Verify that the port is supplied in the URI has a port value specified even if it is a default port for ws or wss. The following URI will not connect: ws://localhost/Thingworx/WS. Change this uri to be: ws://localhost:80/Thingworx/WS.
A virus program is running that is blocking WebSocket communication.
A firewall has the port blocked.
Verify that the following subsystems are started on the ThingWorx platform: WS Communications Subsystem and WS Execution Processing Subsystem.
.NET SDK is timing out shortly after connecting to an Azure-hosted ThingWorx
Corporate firewall may be blocking the Azure-based ThingWorx server from sending data.
If your company's firewall settings are blocking your Azure-based ThingWorx server, add the server to a whitelist for the firewall.