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Validating Server Certificates at the Edge (.NET SDK)
The .NET SDK may be configured to encrypt communication to ThingWorx using SSL/TLS. This configuration is specified by setting the following properties on the instance of ClientConfigurator that initializes the client:
DisableCertValidation — By default set to false, this property specifies that server certificate validation is enabled.. Do not change this setting. Using server certificate validation helps to ensure the most secure connection possible.
ServerCertFileInfo — This property specifies the full path to the PEM or DER certificate file as well as the certificate type.
Here is an example of using a server certificate file:
ClientConfigurator config = new ClientConfigurator();
CertFileInfo serverCertFileInfo = new CertFileInfo();
serverCertFileInfo.FilePath = "C:\\path\to\certificate\file";
serverCertFileInfo.CertType = 0; // '0' for axTLS
config.ServerCertFileInfo = serverCertFileInfo;
You can also use X.509 certificate validation. For information on setting up fields for X.509 certificates, see Specifying Fields for X.509 Validation.