ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK
ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK
The ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK is a lightweight, but fully functional, implementation of the ThingWorx AlwaysOn binary protocol. The .NET SDK is designed to minimize the memory footprint, while simplifying application integration into the ThingWorx distributed computing view of the Internet of Things.
The goal of the .NET SDK is to be simple to use, yet still give the developer enough flexibility to create very sophisticated applications. Examples of this flexibility are highlighted in the documentation. Additionally, the API is thread safe and can be used in a complex multi-threaded environment.
The following topics introduce the.NET SDK, help you get started with it, and provide reference and troubleshooting information:
Introducing the ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK
Installing and Navigating the Directories of the ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK
ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK Reference
Troubleshooting .NET SDK Applications