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.NET SDK: VirtualThing Class
The VirtualThing class represents your device/machine in the client application. It corresponds to and binds with a thing (created with a RemoteThing thing template) that exists in a ThingWorx platform. The VirtualThing class provides the foundation for defining the properties, services, and events that are accessible from the platform.
Properties, services, and events can be defined using attributes. If attributes are used in the VirtualThing, you must call the initializeFromAnnotations() method in the constructor of the VirtualThing.
The rest of this section describes the methods of the VirtualThing class that you can use to define properties, services, and events. It also describes the methods of this class that you can use to modify values of properties and optional methods that can be overridden in classes derived from the VirtualThing class. For details, see:
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