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.NET SDK ClientConfigurator: Proxy Settings
To connect to the ThingWorx platform through a proxy server, set the appropriate values for the ProxyInfo property on the ClientConfigurator. For authentication with a proxy server, the .NET SDK supports the following options:
No authentication
Basic authentication
Digest authentication
NTLM authentication
Property for Setting Up a Proxy Server
The following property is available on the ClientConfigurator class:
ProxyInfo(String value) — Sets the proxy information to be used when making a connection. Add the following information for the proxy server:
host — Supply the IP address or host name of the proxy server to use when connecting to the ThingWorx platform.
port — Supply the number of the port on the proxy server to use.
claims — If the proxy server requires Basic or Digest authentication, supply a user name and password to present to the proxy server on connection. These credentials are only for the proxy server. They are not passed beyond the proxy server.