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.NET SDK ClientConfigurator: Client/Server Certificate Validation
The ClientConfigurator class contains setting that enable/disable various levels of Certificate validation. Both Client and Server certificates can be configured for validation. Additionally, specific X.509 fields can be configured for validation. Alternatively, certificate validation can be disabled altogether. Disabling is NOT RECOMMENDED, especially in a production environment.
Starting with v.5.7.4 of the .NET SDK, the supported version of OpenSSL is v.1.0.2L. The axTLS library, v.2.1.2, is still available.
By default the SDK is set up to ensure the most secure connection possible. Many settings are available to modify the default behavior and may provide some level of convenience during development, such as allowing self-signed certificates. However, using the most secure settings possible for production is STRONGLY recommended. The next two sections explain how to set up properties for server certificate validation at the edge and for client certificate validation.
The next several sections provide more detail about certificates and validation for the .NET SDK:
Validating Server Certificates at the Edge
Specifying the Properties for Client Certificates at the Edge (.NET SDK)
Using Supported Ciphers
Specifying Fields for X.509 Validation
Using FIPS Mode