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Building Applications with CMake
CMake is an open-source, cross-platform set of tools that have been created to facilitate the tasks of building, testing, and packaging software. You can use CMake to control the compilation of your applications by using its platform- and compiler-independent configuration files and to generate native makefiles and projects to use in your compiler environment. The minimum required version of CMake to use with the ThingWorx Edge C SDK is 2.6. It is recommended that CMake be on your system path. If you installed CMake on Linux, it is on the system path already. If on Windows, you can use the CMake UI or, if using it from a Command Prompt, add CMake to your system PATH.
For complete information about CMake, visit the CMake web site, at At the top of the home page, select Resources > Documentation to find the training materials, reference documents for CMake, among other resources.
It is STRONGLY recommended that you use one of the provided examples as a starting point for your custom application.