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Tasker Functions
The C SDK has a simple built-in tasker that can be used in conjunction with or in place of an underlying OS. The key requirement for the underlying architecture is to provide some sort of tick-timer that allows the execution of what could be a relatively long running callback function at one millisecond intervals. The callback function is twTaskerStart. This function initializes the tasker by setting up a mechanism to call the tickTimerCallback function every millisecond. This function call is blocking, so it is best to use some separate thread of execution, or at least re-enable priority interrupts before making this call. This function is called only once when a process using the API starts.
To shut down the tickTimerCallback mechansim, use the twTaskerStop function. Call this function only once when a process using the API ends.
For signatures, parameter details, and return information for these functions, refer to the Doxygen documentation provided with the SDK.