ThingWorx Edge C SDK > Steps for Setting Up Applications
Steps for Setting Up Applications
What do you need to do to set up the application using the C SDK? This section explains some of those steps, including defining the properties and services that you want to expose to the server and implementing the required callback functions. Callback functions can be used to handle individual properties and services or a single property or service callback can be created to handle all of those types of entities. This decision is left to the application developer.
Optionally, you may need to create tasks as well as event handlers:
Bind event handler, so the application can determine which entities are bound to ThingWorx platform),
File transfer event handler for file transfers to and from ThingWorx platform.
Tunneling event handler for open and close events.
Synchronized state handler
The C SDK uses a callback mechanism to handle server-initiated requests to read or write properties and invoke services. The signatures of the callback functions and the registration functions themselves are found in the file, src/api/twApi.h.