ThingWorx Edge Android SDK
ThingWorx Edge Android SDK
This section of the ThingWorx Edge SDKs and WS EMS Help Center describes how to use the ThingWorx Android SDK. Javadoc is available in the SDK bundle. This section is organized as follows:
1. About the ThingWorx Edge Android SDK
2. Differences between the Android SDK and the Java SDK
3. Installing and Navigating the Directories of the SDK
4. Using the Sample Applications
5. Best Practices for Developing Multi-threaded Client Applications
Android applications require JDK 6 compatibility. Gradle requires JDK 7 or higher. While you can use a higher version of the JDK than JDK 6 with Android, you must set your IDE to enforce JDK 6 compatibility for your generated classes.
The ThingWorx Edge Android SDK is based on the ThingWorx Edge Java SDK. This document assumes that you have a solid background in Java development and a basic knowledge of the ThingWorx Edge Java SDK. If not, you can refer to the ThingWorx Edge Java SDK section of this help center for information.