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Tips for Using the Sample Applications
Here are some tips for using the sample applications:
If you build with Gradle, use the provided gradlew or gradlew.bat files instead of the Gradle that may be installed on your system.
The sample projects are based on API 19 of the Google Android SDK. If you do not have v4.4.2 (API 19) of the Android SDK, Android Studio notifies you that it is missing and displays a dialog box where you can select to install it. Install it.
If you have an Android phone and want to deploy to it, attach it to your computer using a USB cable. The phone must be placed into developer mode. These instructions vary by phone. The page, Using Hardware Devices, on the Android Developers site, may provide a good starting point for enabling developer mode.
The log output level for the ThingWorx Edge Android SDK ships set at ERROR. You can change this log level to DEBUG or TRACE to get as much detailed information as possible in your log output. Note that increasing your log level will have a significant effect on your application's perfromace so remember to reset your log level to error before deploying your application. Logged information is displayed in your Android Monitor tab in Android Studio. This setting is intended to help a new developer to get started. To change your current logging level, edit your logback.xml configuration file, which is located in the directory, samples/android-steam-thing/src/main/assets/ of the ThingWorx Android SDK installation.
Do NOT attempt to use a proxy server with the Android SDK. Proxy servers are not supported.