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Building an Example Project from the Command Line
To build a project from the command line using Gradle:
1. Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or a shell (Linux).
2. Change to the appropriate example directory.
3. Run one of the following commands:
Windows: gradle.bat assemble
Linux: gradlew assemble
where assemble is the target. This command produces your ready-to-deploy apk files in the subdirectory, build/outputs/apk.
Do not try to build any of these projects using your own, locally installed version of Gradle. The Gradle plugins are sensitive to the version of Gradle that you use to build the project, and the project build will fail. Run one of the commands shown above.
4. A file that points to the Android SDK, used by Android Studio for the project (not the ThingWorx platform Java SDK) is created in the samples/android-steam-thing directory. Android Studio creates and manages this file for you. Do not edit this file manually or add this file to a version control system.