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Differences between the Android SDK and the Java SDK
The ThingWorx Edge Android SDK takes the ThingWorx Edge Java SDK and ports it to the Android environment. This port was necessary (instead of just using the Java SDK in the Android environment) because Android does not support the New IO (NIO) package of the Oracle JDK. Instead, Android has its own JVM that is optimized for the cellular platform. In addition, the ThingWorx Edge Java SDK uses Netty to support the WebSocket protocol. Android does not support Netty.
As a result, one of the main differences between the two SDKs is that the ThingWorx Android SDK uses the Autobahn WebSocket library for WebSocket support while the Java SDK uses Netty. The Autobahn WebSocket library is written specifically for Android.
Another key difference is that the Android SDK does NOT support proxy servers.
If you have not already done so, you can download Android Studio from Google for free ( Android Studio is essentially IntelliJ IDEA with plug-ins that optimize it for the Android developer.