ThingWorx Edge ADO Service
ThingWorx Edge ADO Service
The ThingWorx ADO (ActiveX Data Object) Service is used to connect to a Microsoft database source such as MS SQL Server, MS Excel, or MS .NET applications to the ThingWorx platform. The ThingWorx ADO Service uses the ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK. This section of the help center explains how to install and configure the ThingWorx ADO Service to make a connection to an Microsoft database source
This document is intended for programmers with at minimum a basic knowledge of C# and .NET Framework. In addition to programming knowledge, you need to be familiar with the ThingWorx platform and ThingWorx Composer.
To install and configure the ADO Service, you need to have the following:
The ThingWorx Edge .NET SDK
.NET Framework 3.5.1 or later
OLEDB or ODBC drivers for specific database requiring connection
What Is Next?
Once your environment meets the prerequisites, continue to the following topics:
Installing the ADO Service
Configuring the ADO Service
Starting the ADO Service
Reference for Configuration Parameters