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How to Configure Settings for Windows Service
The settings for running ADO service as a Windows service specify the name of the service that will appear in the Services tool of Windows (available through Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools) as well as the start mode.
The ADO service runs only as a Windows service. You can set it up to be started automatically when the computer starts up. The default setting is that the service must be started manually.
If you want to change any of the default settings, follow these steps:
1. In the configuration file, locate the WindowsServiceInstallSettings element.
2. To change the name for the service that appears in the Services tool, select the default name and type a new value for the ServiceDisplayName parameter.
3. To change the start mode, select Manual and type Automatic for the ServiceStartMode parameter.
4. Check that the new strings are within the double quotation marks.
5. If necessary, change the other parameters. Otherwise, you can leave the default settings.
6. Save and close the AdoThing.config file.
For definitions of the parameters, refer to the table of Windows service settings in the topic, Reference for Configuration Parameters.
What’s Next?
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