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Account Lockout Settings
An administrator can configure account lockout settings by navigating to System > Subsystems > User Management > Configuration.
Maximum Login Attempts—number of log in attempts a user is allowed within the time specified in Minutes to Attempt Login before lockout. By default, this is set to 5 attempts.
Minutes to Attempt Login—amount of time a user has to attempt the maximum log in attempts specified before lockout. By default, this is set to 5 minutes.
Minutes Locked Out—amount of time a user is locked out. By default, this is set to 15 minutes. For example, if a user attempts five unsuccessful logins within five minutes, their account is locked out for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the user has another five attempts.
If Minutes Locked Out is set to 0, the user account is not automatically unlocked and an administrator must manually unlock the account.