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Add the IdP Metadata File
In the ssoSecurityConfig directory, add the metadata file for your identity provider. This is an XML document that contains information necessary for interaction with SAML-enabled identity or service providers. This XML document contains information about the CAS endpoint URLs, supported bindings, identifiers, and public keys. You obtain this XML document from the CAS (PingFederate). Refer to the documentation from the CAS vendor for specific instructions on retrieving this file. PTC has tested and supports PingFederate as a cross-product CAS. This XML file can be exported from PingFederate by navigating to Server Configurations Metadata Export. For detailed instructions, refer to PingFederate documentation here:
When you save this file to the ssoSecurityConfig directory, name it sso-idp-metadata.xml. This file name is referenced by sso-settings.json in the idpMetadataFilePath setting, which will be configured in a later step.