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Administrator Services
Certain capabilities are only available to an administrator user in ThingWorx. For example, the Monitoring and Import/Export menus (and associated services) are only visible for Administrators. The following services can only be executed by an administrator user who belongs to the Administrators user group.
Dashboard Services
GetDashboard: Locates a dashboard by ID.
ShareDashboard: Dashboard can only be shared by the owner/creator of the dashboard or administrator user
RemoveSharedOrganizationUnit: This service can only be run by the administrative user or creater/owner of the dashboard.
Root Entity Services
SetOwner: Assigns an owner to an entity.
RequestEdit: For the defined entity, the user that calls the service is made the editor. The editing mode for the previous user is cancelled and a warning message displays before changes are made. The last change made is honored.
Resources/Session Info
TerminateUserSessions: Terminates all active sessions for a user.
Platform Subsystem
SetAllowMethodSwitch: Allows method switching with request parameters (true is insecure). See Updating the Request Method and Content Type Filtering.
SetFilterContentType: Filter content type on requests (false is insecure). See Updating the Request Method and Content Type Filtering
GetDataConnectSettings: Retrieves the DataConnect configurations in the platform subsystem.
SetDataConnectSettings: Sets the DataConnect configurations in the platform subsystem.
User Management Subsystem
GetPlatformSessionTimeout: Returns the login session timeout in minutes.
Import Export (menu options in Composer)
Import/Export Source Control Entities
Import from File/Export to File
SetSubLoggerLevel: Sets the log level for a sub logger within the application.
SetLogLevel: Sets the log level setting.
DisableStackTracing: Turns off exception stack tracing for internal log statements that require it.
EnableStackTracing: Turns on exception stack tracing for internal log statements that require it.
FileSystem Functions
DumpFileTransferHistory: Utility service that dumps in-memory transfer history.
AbortFileTransfer: Forces a FileTransfer job to VALIDATED.
Persistence Providers
GetStreamDataProcessingSettings: Returns the configuration table for Stream Processor settings.
GetValueStreamDataProcessingSettings: Returns the configuration table for Value Stream Processor settings.
UpdateStreamDataProcessingSettings: Updates the settings for stream data persistence.
UpdateValueStreamDataProcessingSettings: Updates the settings for value stream data persistence.
Alert Processing Subsystem
GetAlertProcessorSettings: Returns the configuration table for Alert Processor settings.
UpdateAlertProcessorSettings: Updates the settings for alert processing.
Event Processing Subsystem
GetEventQueueProcessorSettings: Returns the configuration table for the Event Queue Processor settings.
Logging Subsystem
GetLoggingSettings: Returns the configuration table for logging settings.
UpdateLoggingSettings: Updates the settings for logging.
Platform Subsystem
DeleteExtensionPackage: Deletes the specified ExtensionPackage and all associated extensions if not in use.
GetEntityUsageReport: Returns the entity usage report. See Entity Usage Report.
WriteEntityUsageReport: Generates and writes an entity usage report to the ThingworxStorage folder. See Entity Usage Report.
User Management Subsystem
SetPlatformSessionTimeout: Sets the minutes for a session timeout when there is no activity.
Security Administrator
See User Groups for more information on these services.