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Version 8.4.2 Release Notes
The following bug fixes were made in ThingWorx 8.4.2
Bug Fixes
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Fixed an issue that was preventing a redirect to a login page after a session timeout.
Fixed an issue that was causing an in-place upgrade of Navigate to fail if the source server contained a Media entity with an empty base URL.
Media entities have a URL field that defines a media resource. The URL must be a valid URL, which means that it has valid protocol, authority, path, and query values.
Prior to 8.4.x, it was possible to create an invalid URL value. The migration to 8.4 will now check for invalid URL values. During the migration, if dynamicContent = true and an invalid URL is encountered, then the migration will set the media entity's dynamicContent = false and will remove the invalid URL value, losing the URL data. This behavior is a security improvement.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct error message from displaying if a user attempted to download a content type that was not added to the ContentTypeSettings section in the platform-settings.json file.
Fixed an issue with default passwords in the Platform Docker files.
Fixed an issue where beta web component widgets were initialized when not used. To fix this issue, a new configuration option was added to Platform subsystem to enable or disable beta mashup features.
Mashup Builder
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Fixed an issue with the Label web component that was causing the label to get truncated when the max width was reached.
Fixed an issue with mashup runtime performance of loading GetAllStyleDefinitions, GetAllStateDefinitions, and GetAllStyleThemes by reducing the network payload size.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the Collection widget from consistently loading results in IE11.
Integration Runtime
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Version 8.0.4 of the Integration Runtime extension is available. This version includes additional security features to allow values within the configuration file to be encrypted or the entire configuration file can be encrypted.
Known Issues and Limitations
Integration Runtime
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The ValidateConnection service can only be called by the Administrator user. If you attempt to run this service as a user who is not the Administrator user, you will get a failure and will see an error in the ApplicationLog.log that states "Error getting IR status".